• A Tight Vagina For Improved sex

    It is a dream of every woman to maintain a tight vagina. Not only does a tight vagina boosts your sex life but will also help you make your partner have a good pussy to penetrate. A woman who has a tight vagina will see this as a blessing because not all women have tight […]

  • Abortion: What it entails

    There are many reasons why people may not want to carry pregnancy to full term. Among the reasons are that the mother to be is a minor or there are factors like career advancement which may be derailed by the pregnancy. There are also times when unplanned pregnancy occurs. In such cases, abortion becomes an […]

  • Health benefits of dark chocolate

    Chocolate with high cocoa content lowers blood pressure. Many reports and recent studies have shown that chocolate with a high cocoa content, usually above 70%, acts beneficially to the cardiovascular system by lowering blood pressure. This goes in the case if you are of a certain age and have a mildly elevated blood pressure. Of […]

  • Are refined sugars damaging your body?

    What is glucose? High sugar concentration in your blood is making you all sorts of problems. Your body runs on glucose, a simple fuel, on which every organism in the world depends. We are taking glucose from food, and it can be found in fruits, vegetables or any food which contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates or commonly […]

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